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  I have one problem. In my computer (win 2000 NT) function pcap_lookupdev() works fine. It returns device name like this: \ . On the other computer (win ?) it does not work good. Function return error. In the other computer is istaled winpcap 3.1 and ethereal but in mine winpcap 4 and wireshark. Is possible of difference on working function pcap_lookupdev in winpcap version 3.1 and 4?

There are no differences in the API behavior, *but* WinPcap 3.1 was affected by several bugs related to improper device listing.

   And my second question is, why this function returns \? 

Because pcap_lookupdev returns the adapter names in UNICODE, not in ASCII (on NT platforms). In any case, pcap_lookupdev() is obsolete, please use pcap_findalldevs() to retrieve a list of available adapters.

Have a nice day

  Why it does not return the name of internet device???
  Thanks for help. 


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