[Winpcap-users] HTTP forwarding

ceo at triplebit.com ceo at triplebit.com
Mon May 21 21:07:23 GMT 2007

Thanks Mr. Nelson,

If I got you right this proxy runs always on my website. I'm looking for a 
solution that would run on the client PC (the stream source is originated 
from the client PC and not from a websit). That's why I thought on Winpcap. 
Do you it's doable?


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> Hi Izack,
> You might look at http://www.squid-cache.org/ or the proxy capabilities
> in Apache http://httpd.apache.org/ .
> Possibly, you could write some CGI scripts that would do what you
> need, without modifying any server code.  You might even be able
> to run them on your existing (hosted) web server.  Unfortunately, it's
> not as simple as sending the same response to two places, because
> there is some initial handshaking (that I don't understand, and this is
> not the right list to ask about it).
> You might also consider modifying VideoLAN's VLC or VLS.
> --Stewart
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>> Thanks Stewart,
>> (for the detailed and quick response)
>> I think I'll follow your advise and try to do it myself as my second 
>> intention is also to experience some network programming.
>> can you point to an example or a reference of similar proxy, in 
>> CodeProject or elsewhere.
>> Regards
>> Izack

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