[Winpcap-users] mirroring Ethernet frames

Seifert Johannes Seifert.Johannes at fronius.com
Tue May 22 07:21:39 GMT 2007


>Your application seems to be acting like a repeater (maybe for a signal
>booster or something). 
Yes, repeater is in this case a much better description than mirror ;)

>Have you tried the PCAP_OPENFLAG_NOCAPTURE_LOCAL flag
>for pcap_open()?
That seems to be exactly what I need for my application! Till now I've always used pcap_open_live and this function doesn't work with the flags.

>Docs at:

>It's supposed to *not* capture traffic you generate. I can't say for sure
>how it interacts with promiscuous mode. Maybe someone else knows.
Actually it seems to work, even in promiscuous mode. Thanks!


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