[Winpcap-users] jpeg/gif/mp3 sniffer

Robert Benea robert.benea at gmail.com
Tue Aug 5 06:02:30 GMT 2008

http://www.rostudent.com/robert/VLADescu.html, this link is to a new
Win-pcap based tool.

VLADescu is an image/mp3/http-request sniffer, it is based on driftnet,
however it has more features then the original software. I recently
made a complete installer, so that the process of running/installing
the software is straightforward. Similarly, the source code is
available in case anybody wants to reuse it. Also, VLADescu is a good
replacement of the now defunct pikachu jpeg sniffer (Maybe not totally
defunct, at least broken link from winpcap.org).


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