[Winpcap-users] Does WinPcap on Vista x64 require being signed?

Wei Gao wgao at broadcom.com
Wed Aug 13 00:59:30 GMT 2008

Got it and thanks for the resply. It worked fine on Vista x64.



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On 64bit Vista (and 2008) a driver should be signed. Not necessarily WHQL'd. The WinPcap driver is signed with the CACE Technologies digital signature and cross-signed with the verisign-Microsoft cross certificate. All of this applies to kernel components. You do not need to sign any user level component like packet.dll (although the ones provided in the installer are signed).

Are you encountering any problem on Vista x64?

HAve a nice day
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Subject: [Winpcap-users] Does WinPcap on Vista x64 require being signed?

I am trying to use the packet.dll APIs in Winpcap 4.0.2 on Vista 64 bit. There is no problem to install Winpcap. After UAC is turned off, I can start the "NPF" protocol driver (command "net start npf") successfully. As the "NPF" is a protocol driver, I wonder in order for the packet API to work properly, if the driver need to get signed via the WHQL?

I don't have any problem using the Winpcap APIs on on 32 bits XP/Vista though. Thanks


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