[Winpcap-users] Problem with install on other PCs

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  So I used Jpcap and Winpcap to allow my program to list the network interfaces, 
  let the user choose one, then send and recieve UDP messages . Works
  great on my computer with Jpcap and Winpcap installed on it. I have 
  included jpcap.dll and jpcap.jar,wpcap.dll,packet.dll,wanpacket.dll, 
  npptools.dll in the install program and put them in the correct folder 
  upon install( I think). ANd still I cannot get jpcap to list the 
  network interfaces at all on any computer I install my program on other than my own.

  final jpcap.NetworkInterface[] devices = JpcapCaptor.getDeviceList(); 

  after this code run on another computer    devices == null  (I included a 
  label that changes text to tell me this) 

  I don't know which file I am not including in my install program but 
  this is driving me crazy, I don't know why it works on my computer but 
  not any i install it on and I am at the end of ideas to find the file/ 
  files I am missing in the install program. The files I have after install are the same as the files the 
  other PCs get on install so it has to be a file I installed to get Jpcap and Winpcap to work with my dev kit.
  But they were both self installing .exes and I then moved some files around to match my javax package install.
  Anybody got any Ideas?? 

WinPcap installs a kernel driver as well. It's not possible to embed the WinPcap DLLs and driver in your application and bypass the WinPcap installer. The reason is that WinPcap does not support side-by-side execution i.e. you cannot have multiple copies of WinPcap installed on your machine (unless you are using WinPcap Professional).

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