[Winpcap-users] Using WinPcap to Resolve LAN routing traversal

ceo at triplebit.com ceo at triplebit.com
Wed Feb 13 15:30:18 GMT 2008

  I use a Windows XP as the platform.
  I use WinPcap in my web application which runs among other things, an Http
  server. On the other hand, I need to cope the problem of NAT routing
  traversal since my clients, being connected also to the web, can't reach me
  easily. I want to use the library WinPcap in the following way -
  1. My application initiates a tcp session (with a local port different than
  the Http server) to a rendezvous server.
  2. I use in the background the WinPcap library to spoof the transmitted
  session and modify the packet source port as the Http server port. This
  would "open" my NAT router for an incoming packets, should they arrive(the original packet would also open some hole in the router but I make no use with it).
  3. The rendezvous server tells the remote client the info regarding the
  external router port and address.
  4. The remote client uses this information to initiate session with my Http server.

  Can someone refer and advise wither this algorithm would work?

  Thanks in advance

  I. Lesher
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