[Winpcap-users] What would be needed to provide 64-bit dll's

Camiel Vanderhoeven iamcamiel at gmail.com
Fri Jan 11 09:56:53 GMT 2008

Hello everyone,

I'm developing an application that does lots of 64-bit integer
arithmetic (as it is an emulator for a 64-bit architecture), that uses
winpcap (and libpcap on Linux) to provide ethernet-access to the
emulated network interface.

I've recently upgraded to the 64-bit version of Vista, so I can take
advantage of the 64-bit features of the processor; the result is a
huge performance increase. However, when compiling as 64-bit code, I
can't include winpcap, cq network support.

I understand that providing 64-bit developer libraries is not a
high-priority, so I'd like to try to do it myself; If anyone could
guide me in the right direction of what would be needed, I'd be very



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