[Winpcap-users] What would be needed to provide 64-bit dll's

Gianluca Varenni gianluca.varenni at cacetech.com
Mon Jan 21 19:07:28 GMT 2008


sorry for taking so long in answering.

Basically two components needs to be ported, packet.dll and wpcap.dll.

For the former, the code should compile pretty easily for the x64 compiler, 
but you need to either create makefiles for the PSDK command line x64 build 
environment or for VS2005/VS2008 (actually migrating to VS2005 is in my 
plans pretty soon. I'd like to get rid of VS6 from my machine...). And then 
understand which build flavor can be compiled: packet.dll has many features 
that get enabled/disabled depending on where packet.dll runs on. On a x64 
machine, if it's XP64/2003 you prolly enable HAVE_IPHELPER_API and 
HAVE_WANPACKET_SUPPORT (i don't remember the exact name of the defines). On 
vista, only the iphelper api.
If you support WANPACKET, you also need to recompile wanpacket.dll for x64.

For the latter (wpcap.dll) things can get a lil trickier (I haven't tried 
myself yet). Apart from the new makefile/project files (and wpcap.dll is a 
bit complicated as it's build as a static lib, libpcap.lib linked then by 
wpcap.dll), you need to be very careful with the defines for the size of 
types and such (the project includes several defines in the form 
SIZEOF_LONG=4 and similar). It's in practice a "make it compile and test it 
a lot".

In the end, my best suggestion is
1. try to compile packet.dll and make it work with the samples based on 
packet.dll (wpdpack\examples-remote\PacketDriver).
2. move to wpcap.dll and test it with all the samples in the wpdpack.
3. use the sources for winpcap 4.1beta2. Do not use any other sources as a 
reference. The reason is that the 4.1beta2 sources have been cleaned up a 
lot, so porting could be a lil easier
4. post any problem you encounter on the mailing list (or to winpcap-team).

Hope it helps

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> Hello everyone,
> I'm developing an application that does lots of 64-bit integer
> arithmetic (as it is an emulator for a 64-bit architecture), that uses
> winpcap (and libpcap on Linux) to provide ethernet-access to the
> emulated network interface.
> I've recently upgraded to the 64-bit version of Vista, so I can take
> advantage of the 64-bit features of the processor; the result is a
> huge performance increase. However, when compiling as 64-bit code, I
> can't include winpcap, cq network support.
> I understand that providing 64-bit developer libraries is not a
> high-priority, so I'd like to try to do it myself; If anyone could
> guide me in the right direction of what would be needed, I'd be very
> grateful.
> Thanks!
> Camiel.
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