[Winpcap-users] WireShark with VirusBuster losts outgoing packet

tamagawa at skygroup.jp tamagawa at skygroup.jp
Tue Jan 29 11:44:33 GMT 2008


I encountered a problem that WireShark 0.99.6a seems to ignore
outgoing packet. I use WireShark on a machine with VirusBuster
Corporate Edition v8. When I disable VirusBuster, WireShark captures
outgoing packets.

I read the FAQ at


and found that it is known issue.

My Questions are:

 -Is this still a problem that had not been solved ?
 -Is there anything I can do to solve this problem ?
  I would be grad to build given test code and see what happens,
  but afraid that I am not able to look in to the code in detail
  to detect the reason of the problem by myself.

tamagawa ryuji

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