[Winpcap-users] winpcap3 and winpcap4 bridge

izua richard izua.richard at gmail.com
Mon Jun 9 15:46:26 GMT 2008

First of all, please don't bash if I make any mistakes, since I'm new 
with the mailing list concept. If there is such a thing as a web 
interface, I'd gladly use that. But for now, I'll just keep waiting for 
my email client to yell.

Anyway. My problem is as follows: I use ISIS VSM simulator, which in 
turn uses winPcap. I develop Ethernet applications for microcontrollers. 
This simulator can directly inject packets into my networks using 
winPcap, but it uses version 4.

I need to craft this packets somehow. Of course, I could always do it by 
hand, but I might make a mistake, and I'll have to compute three bloody 
checksums for a single UDP frame (ethernet, ip headers, udp checksum). I 
have a program to do this, nemesis. It's a nice thing this can also 
inject the packet into my network, so I can see how everything should 
react when the simulator would send it. However, nemesis doesn't work 
with winPcap4, it needs winPcap3. It's really awkward to keep doing 

Is there some kind of bridge or compatibility layer between the two? If 
I use ISIS with 3, it crashes. If I uses nemesis with 4, I get an error 
for missing entry point in packet.dll.

Any ideas?

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