[Winpcap-users] sending over slip

AmenophisIII AmenophisIII at gmx.at
Mon Jun 9 20:14:34 GMT 2008

hi there!
id like to use tcpreplay to test some network code. it uses libpcap
and its developer and i are quite sure, thats the problem is not in
his code, but libpcap (or windows) itself.

he pointed me to http://www.winpcap.org/misc/faq.htm#Q-5

there you wrote that transmission is not possible with ppp/wan
connections, and that "the PPP
protocol is translated by the OS into a fake Ethernet. You'll see
Ethernet frames and not PPP frames."

since im not using "normal" ppp, but slip i was wondering if thats
exactly the same cause.
i do see ethernet frames when capturing with wireshark too, although
slip doesnt use ethernet, so im quite sure...
if its the same...  i guess it wont change (ever), correct?
and would like to ask, if you could add "slip" and/or "serial line
internet protocol" somewhere into the faq, because it did not show up
in my searches.

thank you

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