[Winpcap-users] winpcap and McAfee

Gianluca Varenni gianluca.varenni at cacetech.com
Thu Jun 19 17:03:11 GMT 2008

When your machine crashes, depending on how it's configured, it generates a 
crash dump or minidump. The crash dump is called memory.dmp and it's located 
under c:\windows (it gets overwritten at every crash), the minidumps are 
saved in c:\windows\minidump and the name of the file contains the date of 
the crash.

It would be great if you can send the minidump directly to me. If a kernel 
dump is generated instead, please zip it and upload it at 

Have a nice day

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> unfortunately the only thing I see after running the memory dump in WinDbg 
> is
> ...
> IMAGE_NAME: ntoskrnl.exe
> no specific driver mentioned.
> -Victor
> On 6/13/08, Richard Horton <richard.horton at solstans.co.uk> wrote:
>>  Victor Ginzburg wrote:
>> > Has anyone experienced problems with running winpcap on systems with
>> > McAfee antivirus installed, specifically blue screens?
>> >
>> We use McAfee at work and also make very heavy and extensive use of
>> both Wireshark + winpcap - no problems with either coexisting on our
>> systems.
>> Can you provide more info regarding the BSOD - might not help if its
>> the usual daft message but may help shed some light on the situation.
>> Also how repeatable is the crash? If its repeatable then disable
>> McAfee and test-  just remember to reenable your AV afterwards.
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