[Winpcap-users] UserBridge sample

Bryan Kadzban bryan at kadzban.is-a-geek.net
Sat Nov 1 18:50:26 GMT 2008

ceo at triplebit.com wrote:
> Since I saw that you responded to me personally I follow your way in
> my reply...

Actually, I sent to both you and the list (standard reply-all).  Adding
them back in.  ;-)

> What I need in my project, is to capture a certain packets and 
> retransmit them while modifying the relevant data like source address
> and destination address and of course checksums and probably the upper
> protocols data.

It sounds like you want NAT then?  There are a few programs for Windows
that claim to be able to do such a thing, but I've never used them.
(Plus you don't get the source.)  There's also the option of replacing
the whole thing with a system that was actually designed to be good at
networking (i.e. not Windows).  Of course that answer probably isn't
very helpful.

> Can you refer to a c++ code that does something similar?

Nope.  Never saw the point of looking for code, when iptables works, and
covers so many corner cases of TCP and UDP that I'd otherwise have to
figure out.  (I've also heard good things about BSD's packet mangling.)

But maybe others on the list have tried this.

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