[Winpcap-users] When is next WinPcap released?

Naoki Toya chishiki.toya at gmail.com
Wed Nov 12 00:10:02 GMT 2008


There are some questions about the release of next WinPcap. 

1. When about the next stability version WinPcap(4.1.0 or 4.2.0?)
2. Is the x64 build version of wpcap.dll and Packet.dll made?

I want to use WinPcap on WindowsServer2008 x64 Edition. 
And, I want to use it with the tool made by the x64 build. 

Now, I can install SYS of the x64 build with the installer.
However, DLL seems to be able to install only the x86 build. 

I changed the source and build DLL of the x64 edition.
If a formal version came out, I want to use it however. 

If you answer, I am glad. 
Sorry for my limited English.
Naoki Toya<chishiki.toya at gmail.com>

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