[Winpcap-users] Access Volidatino while using pcap_findalldevs_ex

杨继超 instantsee at gmail.com
Tue Sep 9 09:37:54 GMT 2008

  I have got a Access Volidation exception while using the pcap_findalldevs_ex.
  1>I created a vc6 project with the code sample in the winpcap doc.
Lesson1 "Obtain device list".the complie is ok.but while executing, I
got a access volidation exception.
  2>I digged in to the wpcap.dll and it seems that the
pcap_findalldevs_ex get six parameters with the last one storing some
message.But inside the routine pcap_findalldevs_ex,there is a call to
snprint treating the last parameter as the buffer to store some message.so
I got Access Volidation exception.
 3>I have not enough experience&knowledge to dig into the source
code,after I realizing that the source code in the pcap_new.c is totally
different from wpcap.dll.
 4>My enviroment:
     Windows Server 2003 sp2;Visual C++6.0 sp6;winpcap4.0.2;
     and the vc project package in the attachment.
 5>sorry for my limited English.^_^
from Yan.

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