[Winpcap-users] Packet lost

Alessandro Capucci alessandro at totalwire.it
Mon Apr 27 02:57:12 PDT 2009

I'm doing some other test with NPF driver (I'm using driver
directly without WinPCap layer). 
I'm generating traffic with
PktGen on a Debian machine with 10GBit fiber card (Intel PRO/10Gbe SR
Server Adapter). I'm generating 4.000.000 packets between 124 and 9014
byte. Max bandwitdh used is about 3GBit.
On another PC I'm
listening with NPF driver and a very easy application that show
On this second machine i recive only 99.70% of
packets (3.987.808 pkts) but  "stat.bs_drop"
are 0. Wher's this 12.192 pkts??? I think that this pkts arent
arrived at the NDIS driver but why ??? Hardware / SO latency ? ther's a
way to know how many pakets are really received from the hardware ??? Or
dropped by SO ?

My current device is on a  PCI-X bus,
next week I hope to test a PCI-Express version. Do you think that can
improve this performance ?

NPF driver is a NDIS 5 version. Do
you think that realize a NDIS 6 drive can improve this performance ?

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