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  I took the code from this page in the second section in this page

  Send queues 

  While pcap_sendpacket() offers a simple and immediate way to send a single packet, send queues provides an advanced, powerful and optimized mechanism to send a collection of packets. A send queue is a container for a variable number of packets that will be sent to the network. It has a size, that represents the maximum amount of bytes it can store.

  and made the attached file "SendPackets.cpp" out of the code from the html page. I couldn't find the source in the download WinPacap projects anywhere.

The sample "WpdPack\Examples-remote\sendcap" shows how to use the send queues.

  See the breakpoint in this code in my running program in the attached jpeg. The dot pcap file I have has 234844 packets in it. I sent the 's' character to honor the timings and it took up 98 percent of my cpu and ran for 15 mins before I killed the debugger to get my system back.

When the sync option is used, the driver uses a busy wait loop to send the packet trying to respect the timestamps. Since we do not have any facility to send packets at a specified time from the hardware, we emulate it in software with a busy wait loop. This option was mainly introduced for some specific testing scenarios in which you want to create a precise timed packet generator.

Let me know if this answers your question.
Have a nice day

PS: Please, do not send your emails directly to me, please send them to the winpcap-users mailing list (that I've put in CC).

  Looks like good code as if there were any memory leaks it would have crashed a long time ago.

  Having fun with winpcap!


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