[Winpcap-users] compiling npf driver and packet library on vista

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  Hi All,

  I want my application talk to driver and receive the packets captured  from air. And for the same I need protocol driver to talk pull the packets from the driver and put them to user buffer. I have 4.1 wpcap source.

  I have few questions. It would be great if some one can help me with them:

  1. Compilation environment for npf (protocol driver) and packet library.

Please follow the directions in the WinPcap developer's pack, or online at


  2. Will I have to do any changes in packet library to make it work for my driver to push the packets up the application?

Integrating support for a new "driver" can be tricky. I suggest you to integrate it at the wpcap.dll level, it's much easier than integrating it into packet.dll. If you modify wpcap.dll, I suggest you to download the sources for 4.1beta5 and have a look at how I added support for the TurboCap cards in the files pcap-tc.h and pcap-tc.c

  3. Are there any odds that needs to be taken care in Vista? I am new to this part of windows.


  Your help is greatly appreciated 

Have a nice day



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