[Winpcap-users] What does WinPcap do when setting a 802.11 wireless NIC into promiscuous mode?

yu-ruei woo haich.woo at gmail.com
Mon Aug 31 19:49:23 PDT 2009


I am recently modifying a WLAN driver such that it can receive 802.11
packets without filtering packets destined to other STA in the same
BSS while keep the connection with the BSS.

I've tried the promiscuous mode, but I found that no OID is set to the
WLAN driver to notify the driver that it should now operate in
promiscuous mode.

I would like to know what does WinPcap do when setting a WLAN NIC into
promiscuous receiving mode. Specifically, how does WinPcap notify the
WLAN NIC that it should operate in promiscuous mode.

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