[Winpcap-users] Winpcap packet creation fails after Cisco VPN connection

Billy Volta billy.volta at gmail.com
Wed Dec 2 03:50:48 PST 2009

Hi all. I've been using the code from this page in order to create custom

However, I recently found that when I VPN into my work, even once I
disconnect from VPN, WinPcap refuses to send any subsequent packets. Before
I use VPN the code sends packets just fine. This happens even though I'm
VPNing in via a wireless interface, and injecting raw packets into a wired
interface. This also happens whether I select a split tunnel or tunnel-all
configuration in the VPN. Other packets like ping work fine, but when I run
wireshark on the system, it shows that my code is not even putting my
packets onto the wire after VPNing. The only way I have been able to restore
the ability to send the packets is to restart the system.

Does anyone have any thoughts on why this might be the case?


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