[Winpcap-users] Size of packet captured!

David Chang dchang at fsautomation.com
Thu Jul 23 20:09:58 PDT 2009


Standard TDS headers are 4 bytes long.  The first byte is the 'packet type'.  The second byte is the 'last packet indicator'.  The next two bytes are the 'packet size'.  Thus, in your case, you should have gotten a 'packet size' that was greater than one Ethernet packet length (around 1500 bytes).

I suggest you look at: http://www.freetds.org/tds.html

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  Dear Varenni and Chang,
  Firstly thanks for your help,
  I'm using TCP!
  I got Full TDS message from 2 packets, 
  But new matter is how do I know that 2(or more) pakets is from a TDS message?
  Tran Bach Thanh!


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