[Winpcap-users] Can't capture 802.11 management frame

Wei Gao wgao at broadcom.com
Fri Jun 19 16:40:50 PDT 2009

HI Guy,

Thank you very much for the tips. We are running on Vista and Windows 7, so there is always native wi-fi support. It looks like we can not get management or control frame via winpcap on Vista/Win7. Could you or somebody confirm? I found an email discussion from Gianluca as attached. Is that what you refer to?

I follow your link and track down the following information as in the below link. Is that exactly how Native Wi-Fi supports this?



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On Jun 19, 2009, at 12:37 PM, Wei Gao wrote:

> Just to add. We also used another tool proving that the NDIS driver  
> did send up management frames, so are kinda sure that the management  
> frame is tossed out somewhere by winpcap in our case.

Presumably you're running on Vista, Windows Server 2008, a Windows 7  
beta, or possibly Windows XP with a recent enough service pack, so  
that you have the Native 802.11 support:


If so, then, if I remember correctly, the problem is that the WinPcap  
driver is an NDIS 5 driver, not an NDIS 6 driver, and doesn't support  
the calls required to capture in monitor mode:

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