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Adagio Grazioso adagiograzioso at gmail.com
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I may go about doing it like this -

Create 2 threads - one to alloc and fill up sendqueues (as many as
required to accomodate the 400MB file); the second to transmit the
sendqueues prepared by the first thread, one immediately after the
other. When transmit of a sendqueue is finished, the second thread
signals the first that has finished with a particular sendqueue and
the first thread may destroy it.

This of course assumes that time required to fill up a sendqueue is
less than the time required to transmit it so that the second thread
never has to wait - which may or may not always be the case.

This is the scheme I had in mind when I suggested the
feature/workaround of having a special last pkt of length 0 to
maintain timing across sendqueues.

Please note that I'm a developer "using" WinPcap, not a contributing
WinPcap developer. GV or someone else may have a better solution to
your problem.

Good Luck!


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> Hi
> Somehow my question was left unanswered. Can anyone from the developers relate to it ?(and to the PS below)
> Thanks
> Noam Cohen
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> Adding a (special) packet to the first call of pcap_sendqueue_transmit() in order to 'link' the time with the second call is problematic
> since not always the caller can know the required transmission time of the second call during the first call.
> Why not adding a flag that will say "use same time base since first call": pcap_sendqueue_transmit(... , bool usePreviousTimeBase = false),
>  or even better: add a new function pcap_set_sendqueue_time_base(timeval* origin). If this function is called, all transmissions will use this time base.
> PS: how do people transmit long files? Use your own busy loop?
> Noam

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