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Fish fish at infidels.org
Mon Oct 12 16:26:13 PDT 2009

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Re-posting WIHTOUT attachment[*] since it appears it never made it to the

Fish wrote:
> [...]
> > With that hope in mind I've attached ...
> (sigh) Don't you just hate it when you forget to attach
> the attachment you said you were going to attach? :)
> Sorry about that.  HERE'S the attachment.

[*] Note: since it appears my original post as well my follow-up post that
had the attachments were rejected, I have uploaded it to my FTP site
instead. The download URL is:


Remainder of original follow-up email text retained for context:

> ** NOTE **
> The attached project is configured to also generate annotated
> assembler listing files so you can see for yourself how efficient
> the portability functions actually are. (Check out the ".cod"
> listing file in the 'Release' directory)
> You might think doing a 'memcpy' would be inefficient but it's
> actually not! The Microsoft compiler (just like I'm sure most
> other compilers) is smart enough to realize that a memcpy for
> a constant length that happens to be a multiple of the target
> CPU's integral length can be accomplished very efficiently by
> means of just a couple of simple 'mov's.
> Here's hoping you find my sample enlightening and hopefully
> convincing. :)
> Respectfully submitted,

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