[Winpcap-users] correct usage of pcap_sendqueue_transmit?

Noam Cohen Noam.Cohen at harmonicinc.com
Tue Oct 27 04:09:29 PDT 2009

I have a PCAP file of 400MB which has to be played in endless loop. I read a packet and send it using the Transmit() described in the pseudo code.
In the wireshark tutorial, "sendcap", the whole file is added into the transmit queue and then transmitted. This does not work with large files (or when a loop play is needed).
In the Transmit(), I fill the queue with packets and when near fullness, call pcap_sendqueue_transmit(). I would expect it to *clear* the queue but it does not happen. The only way I see to reuse the queue is to destroy and then allocate it again. Is this the way it is meant to be ?!

Are the packets which are added to the queue actually copied? I assume so since there is no other mechanism to keep the memory valid.


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