[Winpcap-users] About the packet drops and use of pcap_stats_ex()

yulou liu lyulou at gmail.com
Tue Nov 30 23:31:24 PST 2010

In addition to the previous mail :  the  number of Packets that I received
in my app is equal to the number of   ps_recv.     Therefore I think the
packets drops happens  before the winpcap driver.  Is it right ?


在 2010-12-1,15:12,Helmut Vaupotitsch <hv at itec-audio.com> 写道:

if ps_drop=0, then the *driver* hasn´t lost packets (see Re: [Winpcap-users]
Question about the struct type pcap_t. from 28.10!)
Most likely your app looses packets...
...try to implement a ringbuffer in the following way: one thread just fills
the pre-allocated FIFO, another thread processes the buffer


yulou liu schrieb:

I have made these experiments :

PC captures data packets  from a FPGA board.

1,  I made a Loop back test that can verify there is no packet drops
 between  FPGA TO FPGA.

2Each data packets from FPGA board has a sequence number. Then PC can
figure  that there  are  packets drops. (the packets number that pc gets
does not match the sequence of the packets).

3,  call the pcap_stats_ex() , the result  is : ps_drop=0 .  That means
there is no packets drops between the kernel buffer to  user buffer.

According  to above ,   Packet drops  could occur in  the  system netcard to
winPcap kernel driver.      Is this conclusion right ?
Is it is right ,  what is the suggestion ?    Can it be improved to use a
more professional net card  ?



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