[Winpcap-users] 4.1.2 Compatibility with mingw-w64 toolchain?

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Wed Oct 6 09:40:41 PDT 2010

I have a solution to this problem. The short answer is that there is a
problem with the mingw-w64 toolchain, specifically in gcc's 'binutils' which
generate the actual dynamic library.

The reason it works for 32-bit version and not for 64-bit version is that
wpdpack/lib directory contains the libpwpap.a file which gcc can link
against correctly, while the wpdpack/lib/x64 directory only contains the
wpcap.lib and no 64-bit libwpcap.a compatible library. Therefore, because of
the 'binutils' bug, the 64-bit builds fail against the .lib file alone.

May be in the future releases, the WinPcap team can generate the libwpcap.a
file as well for x64 architecture?

Here is a link to the the full discussion on this:



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> Hi,
>     I'm linking my code using mingw-w64 toolchain on Win7
> x86_64 system. The code compiles against the WpdPack 4.1.2,
> wpcap in lib/x64 directory and links. Then at runtime all the
> pcap_* library calls are incorrectly linked again WinPcap
> 4.1.2 runtime install and core-dump immediately.
> Even this will coredump:
> const char *name = pcap_datalink_val_to_name(1);
> Has anyone tried using mingw-w64 to link their code with
> latest x64 pcap?
> Here is a little blog I'm keeping on this issue, until its
> resolved. It has a stack-trace:
> http://jnetpcap.com/node/662
> Cheers,
> mark...
> http://jnetpcap.com
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