[Winpcap-users] Sniffing WiFi access points nearby

Gianluca Varenni Gianluca.Varenni at riverbed.com
Wed Feb 23 14:27:24 PST 2011

They don't access the packets themselves. They use some Microsoft wi-fi APIs (I don't remember the exact name of them...) that allow you see the BSSIDs advertised by the APs.

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> WinPcap is a software component. With WinPcap you can capture data 
> frames in 802.11 (which are transformed into Ethernet frames with the 
> windows networking stack and/or network card drivers), but you cannot 
> capture data/management frames (e.g. beacons).
> AirPcap is a hardware solution (a USB dongle) that allows you to 
> capture all the 802.11 frames on a specific channel (so control, data 
> and management frames).

Gianluca, thanks for the insight. What you say is very clear but raises a question: how does something like Network Stumbler work with a regular WiFi card?

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Gonzalo Diethelm

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