[Winpcap-users] win 7 loopback adapter with winpacp pcap_sendpacket sending multicast packets

you yuan yuanprivacy at gmail.com
Sun Feb 27 03:39:06 PST 2011

  Recently I have come across a problem concerning winpcap sending
multicast packets on windows 7 loopback adapter.
  Here have an application with two componets.One componet is a
simulator using winpcap to send and receive multicast packets on
windows networks adapters with fixed ip(i.e,192.10.x.x). Another is a net
module using winsock's setsockopt,ioctlsocket, recvfrom etc
functions to receive multicast packets sent by the first componet.
  My problem is when I use windows 7 loopback adapter with fixed ip,the
first compent can send packet out(see it from the wireshark), But the net
module component can't receive any packets. However, the same application
really works on windows XP.
  I rarely know anything winpcap packet sending mechanisms with
windows loopback adapter.I don't know how to fix the problem under windows
  I have searched many times but gain nothing.Does anyone have the similar
problem or know something  or some keywords about this, please help. Thanks
in advance.
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