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I think you need to watch for the power management messages and stop processing when its going to sleep, and then wait until it resumes.


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Bit of an update to my problem-- the computer was going to Sleep (Windows Sleep mode).

Question for the group though-- it appears I can't just use my existing connection to the NIC once WIndows has slept/woken up. Do I need to close the connection and re-open completely?

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On Sun, Jan 23, 2011 at 11:43 AM, Charlie Heitzig <cheitzig at gmail.com<mailto:cheitzig at gmail.com>> wrote:
Looking for some thoughts on trouble-shooting a problem. First though, I'm a bit of a newbie to Winpcap.

For background, I have a C program that is failing with a PacketReceivePacket error under Cygwin on Windows 7 x64. To better illustrate the problem, I built a debug / test harness around one of the Winpcap code samples-- basic_dump_ex.c (full modified version attached).

I modified the last bit of code to loop and re-run pcap_next_ex() after an error:
while((res = pcap_next_ex( adhandle, &header, &pkt_data)) >= 0){

if(res == 0)
/* Timeout elapsed */

/* convert the timestamp to readable format */
local_tv_sec = header->ts.tv_sec;
strftime( timestr, sizeof timestr, "%H:%M:%S", ltime);

printf("%s,%.6d len:%d\n", timestr, header->ts.tv_usec, header->len);

if(res == -1){
printf("Error reading the packets: %s\n", pcap_geterr(adhandle));
/* Try the next packet one more time */
if((res = pcap_next_ex( adhandle, &header, &pkt_data)) == -1) printf("Second error reading the packets: %s\n", pcap_geterr(adhandle));
return -1;

But res never again returns a non-negative number as far as I can tell (even if I loop endlessly, continuously trying to get another packet.

So that's my question, I guess-- is any error recovery possible after receiving a PacketReceivePacket error? Any advice on what a PacketReceivePacket error means-- bad NIC, bad router, cosmic rays? If I kill the program and re-start immediately, everything runs again for somewhere between 2 and 36 hours or so.

Any thoughts would be appreciated!


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