[Winpcap-users] EXTERNAL: Limit on packet sending.

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I'll jump in here...somebody correct me if I'm wrong.

But...I believe pcap_send is synchronous so you're seeing network latency on the acknowledge.

You need to look at pcap_sendqueue.... functions.  Or just do the windows packet write without using winpcap at all.  Pcap is mainly for honoring timestamps which you probably don't care about.

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I am experiencing a problem while writing a program that accepts packets from one ethernet interface puts them in a queue and sends it back to another interface. I am using threading to do this multitasking. The sending thread is very slow, i dont know why!

While i use threads and i receive at 50 Mbps i get a total forwarding rate of only 5-7 mbps. Then when i just grab one packet and keep on sending it in one thread (just to test the sending thread), it still gives me 5-10 Mbps . Is it a limitation of pcap_send packet?

I am using pcap_loop to receive packets if i want to receive them continuously. But i don;t understand why the sending speed is so low. Please help me i am stuck from quite many days on this.

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