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Black, Michael (IS) Michael.Black2 at ngc.com
Wed Jul 13 05:48:35 PDT 2011

50Mb/sec is quite doable.

You won't know the answer "for sure" until you test it.

I doubt the wrapper will hurt much.  Any additional layer slows things down but not necessarily by very much.

Write your app and watch the CPU usage.  If it gets anywhere close to 100% for any sustained period of time than then you'll need to optimize.  But my guess is you'll be much less than that.

If all your doing is listening and saving than 2 threads is probably all you could possibly use, one to capture and push on a queue and another to pop the packet off the queue and write it to disk.

My guess is you can keep up with 50Mb/sec internet and the 6.25MB/sec to disk without any problem.

Hopefully you do have a decent disk system to write to as you're talking probably 11GB/hour based on 50% utilization of the bandwidth.  So you can fill up a disk pretty fast.

Michael D. Black

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Thank you so much for your answer. I think I should explain about my problem a little bit more. I want to listen a network which has an internet connection around 50mbit/sec. My problem is i have to use C# for this program and so i need to wrap winpcap to use it. There are some open source C# wrappers like sharppcap and pcap.net<http://pcap.net/>. I wonder if i use these wrappers can i listen and capture 50mbit/sec without packet loss. Is using a wrapper will reduce the performance of winpcap? I just need to listen, capture and save them to a dump file so my wrapper will not be much a big project. Do writing my own little wrapper help me to reduce performance reduction?
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