[Winpcap-users] rate limitation

Fish" (David B. Trout fish at infidels.org
Fri Sep 23 19:06:31 PDT 2011

MARMONIER Cédric wrote:

> If I set my Ethernet Card in 1Gb mode, there is always the
> problem but if I configure my Ethernet Card in 100Mb/Full-Duplex,
> there is no problem (I send an 100Mb flow): it is very strange.
> When I am in 1Gb mmode, I can't choose the duplex mode.
> => My Ethernet Card is Realtek RTL8168C : I updated the driver
> with the last version

Maximum transmission speed will always be lesser of the speed of the sender,
receiver, and any/all hops (physical links) in between the sender/receiver.

Your system may be able to transmit at 1Gb, but is the system you are
sending the packets to (all ALL systems in between) capable to receiving at

If your switch is only 100Mb, you will be limited to 100Mb.

If your switch is also 1Gb, then you will be able to send packets from your
system to the switch at 1Gb, but if the other person TRYING TO RECEIVE those
packets (who is also connected to your 1Gb switch) can only RECEIVE at
100Mb, then you will *never* be able to send any faster than 100Mb.


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