[Winpcap-users] Is WinPcap project still alive?

Feng crazyboyfeng at qq.com
Thu Dec 6 16:49:23 PST 2012

The content of the subject have some display problems, so I repost it:
WinPcap has not been active for such two years. How many things happened during this period: Windows 7 releases the SP1, Windows 8 and Server 2012 have come, libPcap has three new versions, the NDIS become much more powerful.(of course there is a end of the world either) What happend with WinPcap? Why there is not any news about WinPcap? Does The team do nothing with the project during this period? No changes? No plans? No bugfix? No updates? Or even really no work?(Because the end of the world really come? OMG)
BTW, though NDIS 6.x has come out for so long, Why WinPcap still does not support native raw Wi-Fi packets? And who know how to get the correct Wi-Fi adapter description rather the the "Microsoft" on Windows NT 6.x?

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