[Winpcap-users] What dlls should I copy to include WinPcap 4 in myapplication

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  Hi all,

  I have developed an application based on WinPcap 4.0 beta. While making installer I have copied
  Packet.dll, wpcap.dll, WanPacket.dll in system32 as well as in the application folder and copied npf.sys and npfs.sys to system32/driver folder. But still the application fails to launch if I do not install WinPcap 4 in that particular PC.

  So I guess I am missing to do something that the WinPcap installer does. Can anybody please suggest what else should I do. In fact I do not like to install WinPcap separately.


I suggest you not to try to install WinPcap on your own by manually copying the DLLs/driver files of WinPcap. This is one of the main sources of broken WinPcap installations. Even if you succeed in having WinPcap installed by manually copying the files, and installing the kernel driver, you will break any existing installation of WinPcap on the target machine. Or worse, any further attempt to install the official WinPcap will make a mess to your installation.

There are two solutions to your problem: 
- embed the WinPcap installer in your installer (and tell the user "hey, now I will start the installation of WinPcap, just hit continue and everything will be fine"). 
- if your product is a commercial one, you can think of using WinPcap Professional, which solves the hassle of having a separate installer for WinPcap. You can find more details on WinPcap Professional on the CACE website, www.cacetech.com

Hope it helps

  Thanks in Advance.



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