[Winpcap-users] why WinPcap is not capturing packets form mywireless PC card - Thanks Gianluca

Guy Harris guy at alum.mit.edu
Tue Jun 27 17:28:13 GMT 2006

vimal raj wrote:

> Your reply says that while using WinPcap our application should disable 
> promiscuous mode. But most network sniffers work in promiscuous mode 
> only. So I am confused with this. Please clarify

What that means is "because Windows wireless adapter drivers often do a 
bad job of handling promiscuous mode, if you want to do wireless 
sniffing of anything other than traffic to and from the machine running 
the sniffer program, you should consider using Linux or one of the 
free-software BSDs, as their drivers typically do a better job of 
handling promiscuous mode".

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