[Winpcap-users] multi-NICs with the same name in Win98

Guy Harris guy at alum.mit.edu
Fri Nov 3 07:37:24 GMT 2006

David Chang wrote:
> I don't use Win98, but here's my device name:
> \Device\NPF_{8A71110E-38F4-4A4F-8410-AA020526B348}

No, you definitely don't use Windows 98 - that's an NT 5.x-style name 
(W2K, WXP, WServer2K3).

Windows 95/98/Me don't use that sort of name, and neither does NT 4.0.

> Thus, I don't think Winpcap uses descriptive names, but rather low-level 
> device names (found in the registry).  If you look at the low-level 
> device name for your 3 interfaces, I think you'll find that they're all 
> different.

I'm not sure you will; W95/98/Me work differently from NT 4.0 and 5.x 
(4.0 has UNIXish names, with a short prefix and a number; 5.x has those 
names, with a GUID).

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