[Winpcap-users] HTTP forwarding

Stewart Nelson sn at scgroup.com
Mon May 21 10:05:45 GMT 2007

Hi Izack,

Windows Media Server can pull a stream from an encoder (or another server) and distribute it to 
clients.  Although free (beer), it requires Windows Server 2003 or later to run, so it's not a cheap 
for casual use.

VideoLAN http://www.videolan.org/ is open source and can do the same thing.  It does not support
recent Windows Media formats, but does support other high quality codecs such as H.264.  It's 
that you could make it work with WMV9, when used solely as a repeater.

If you want to write your own, IMO it would be simpler to write a proxy that would fetch the stream
from the server and allow both local and remote clients to connect.  This could use a normal socket
interface and would avoid the complexities of packet capture.  You could start with an open source 
and modify it to meet your need.


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Hi all,
I'm new in networking and hope my question is resonable...
I have some theoritical question-
Suppose I have an HTTP stream client that is pulling video stream packets (like Windows Media 
Player) from its server. I want to program some tool that runs concurently, capturing the packets 
(with the aid of some library, like Winpcap), leaving the original unchanged and reconstruct the 
duplicated packets with new data(like relevant address) to simultae a server himself. As a server 
simulator it should forward the packets to a new Windows Media Player(that would point his URL to my 

Does it make sense?
If positive, does it have a professional name, better than HTTP forwarding?
Is there an on the shelfe tool that does that?
Is ther some refernce to that?

Thanks in advance for any refernce.


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