[Winpcap-users] VMware question.

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> For penetration testing purposes, I use VMware on a
> linux laptop. The host OS is Ubuntu and the guest OS
> VM is Windows XP. There are a lot of tools available
> on both OS's, so that is why I prefer this method.
> My question is: Running Wireshark on the host and
> guest simultaneously, is there a way that I can see
> ALL packets on both WireSharks? What I mean is if I am
> running NMAP from the Linux OS, is there a way to see
> the NMAP traffic on the VM guest Wireshark? And visa
> versa if I run NMAP on the VM guest OS, can I see the
> traffic on the host Wireshark?

You can definitely see all the traffic generated by a guest if the guest 
network card is in bridge mode by capturing on the host network card that 
provides the bridging between the host and the guest.

I don't know if you can see the traffic generated by the host on the guest. 
I would just try and see what happens.

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