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Viswanathan, Satish Satish.Viswanathan at philips.com
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Hi Jose,

There is a very robust tool developed by the DVTk Team-The DICOM Network Analyzer. It is a very efficient sniffer. But you will have to install the tool .It does not occupy a lot of disk space. Just a few MBs . It is a lightweight tool. You can download the tool from the following location:


Note: To run the tool, your system must have the .NET framework installed and you must also run another installer(DICOM Definition Files) which is also present at the same location.


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Hi all
I am looking for a sniffer tool capable of sniff DICOM traffic but not requiring installation (just run it from a pen disk). Is this possible?
As I did not found no such tool I am planning make one and use WinPCap as underlying support. Tell -me is is possible to use Winpcap without explicit installation of it? Can I have the driver and dll on the pen disk and issue requests to them throug a win32 pure application?

Thanks a lot


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