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WinPcap-announce mailing list

WinPcap users are encouraged to subscribe to the winpcap-announce mailing list. It is a low volume, moderated list for announcements about WinPcap.

WinPcap-users mailing list

winpcap-users is for generic discussion about WinPcap and Windows network tools development.

Before posting on the winpcap-users mailing list, remember that most questions and problems already have an answer. Have a look at:

Note that in order to limit spam, only subscribed users are allowed to post messages on the list.

Need to report a bug?

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WinPcap Enhancements

AirPcap®: 802.11 Wireless Packet Capture Device


  • View management, control and data frames in Wireshark
  • Plug & play 802.11 a/b/g/n capture
  • Multi-channel aggregation
  • USB form factor

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TurboCap Gigabit Capture Card

  • Full-speed GigE capture and injection
  • Port aggregation
  • Pass-thru mode
  • Aggregating tap
  • Exported interfaces
  • TurboCap API developer's pack
  • Sample applications like "dump-to-disk" for high-speed capture to disk

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