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The latest stable WinPcap version is 4.1.3

At the moment there is no development version of WinPcap. For the list of changes, refer to the changelog.

Download WinPcap 4.1.2 Developer's Pack

MD5 Checksum: bae2236af062b0900ad1416b2c4878b9
SHA1 Checksum:


This ZIP compressed file contains all the files needed
to create WinPcap-based applications: libraries, include files,
documentation and a complete set of example programs.


  1. download the ZIP archive containing the developer's pack
  2. uncompress it to the desired folder

NOTE: there is no Developer's package specific for WinPcap 4.1.3. The current 4.1.2 package is compatible with WinPcap 4.1.3.

802.11 Capture

WinPcap supports 802.11a.b/g/n wireless packet capture through the Riverbed AirPcap adapters. More information and code examples can be found in the AirPcap Developer's pack, downloadable from

Download WinPcap 4.1.3 Source Code

MD5 Checksum: 3a47076c5a437c023e76a58b77cfa890
SHA1 Checksum:


This ZIP compressed file contains the full WinPcap
and the drivers for the different Operating Systems.


  1. download the ZIP archive containing the WinPcap source code
  2. uncompress it to the desired folder

Older Versions

Older versions of the WinPcap Developer's Pack and Source Code are still available in the archive.



Additional Documentation

Additional Documentation and Papers

WinPcap Enhancements

AirPcap®: 802.11 Wireless Packet Capture Device


  • View management, control and data frames in Wireshark
  • Plug & play 802.11 a/b/g/n capture
  • Multi-channel aggregation
  • USB form factor

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TurboCap Gigabit Capture Card

  • Full-speed GigE capture and injection
  • Port aggregation
  • Pass-thru mode
  • Aggregating tap
  • Exported interfaces
  • TurboCap API developer's pack
  • Sample applications like "dump-to-disk" for high-speed capture to disk

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