WinPcap Calculators

Bandwidth to frame rate converter

How many packets of a certain size correspond to a specific bandwidth on an Ethernet Network?


 Frame Size, Including FCS*:  

 Bandwidth (Mbps):                     


 Frame Rate is Frames per Second


Full bandwidth to frame rate converter

What is the maximum amount of packets with a certain size that can be transmitted on an Ethernet network?


 Frame Size, Including FCS*:    

 Network Speed:                         


 Max Frame Rate is Frames per Second


Frame rate to bandwidth converter

What is the total bandwidth generated by a certain frame rate, including Inter frame Gap and Preamble?


 Frame Size, Including FCS*:  

 Frame Rate:                                


Bandwidth is Mbit per Second


Uilization calculator

What is the effective bandwidth carried by an Ethernet Network with frames of a certain size? **


   Frame Size, Including FCS*:  

   Network Speed:                         


Utilization is %, or Mbit per Second



* Frame size including FCS can be between 64 and 1518 bytes for regular Ethernet frames, and between 64 and 1522 bytes for VLAN tagged frames.
** Effective Bandwidth is calculated as: Total Bw - (Preamble Bw + Inter Frame Gap Bw + FCS Bw + Ethernet Headers Bw).

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