WinDump Compiling Details

Software Requirements

  • Microsoft Visual C++ compiler, at least version 6.0.
  • You need to have the Microsoft Platform SDK installed and registered within Visual Studio 6. The Platform SDK contains some defnintions required to compile WinDump properly
    More details on where to find the Platform SDK can be found in section "compiling wpcap.dll" in the WinPcap documentation (see

  • The winpcap source tree must be in the same directory of the windump source tree

In order to compile WinDump, you need to have a directory structure like this
windump <-- WinDump sources
winpcap <-- Winpcap sources
In particular, the winpcap sources folder should be named exactly "winpcap".
Project files are in the directory windump\win32\prj of the WinDump source code distribution. Load the project from the Visual C++ 6.0 IDE and build the program. The release version of the WinDump.exe executable file will be generated in the directory windump\win32\prj\release. The debug version of the executable file will be generated in the directory windump\win32\prj\debug.

The project can be compiled indifferently under any Win32 platform. The executable file generated is system-independent.

Last modified: Wednesday, October 18, 2006 19.05